Write essay topics

In order to write a good essay, you first need to figure out what an essay is.

An essay is a statement from abroad of literature, a kind of short scientific dissertation, but using tools characteristic of poetic prose, such as associations, paradoxes, deviations, quotes, emotional vocabulary. He presents the point of view on the chosen topic (publicistic, scientific, philosophical and critical essay).

Essay is a subjective form of expression – in the process of thinking you need to present your point of view. The author’s goal is not only to present the facts, but also to draw the reader’s attention, to surprise him. The author should take care of a complex style that demonstrates knowledge and eloquence. You can use literary expression such as irony, metaphor, exaggeration, periphery, repetition, etc., as well as aphorisms, quotations and digressions. The essay is characterized by loose composition and relatively small volume. In fact, it consists of three parts, but with the freedom to present content. In order to choose a topic for your essay, you can write essay topics on paper and cross out the ones that you like the least. This way you will have several or one topic that will be very interesting.

The first part is the introduction.

It is the context of the whole essay. It may contain information about the event (political, scientific, sports) or about culture (books, play, film, poster, etc.). The author can enter a quote, quote a joke, ask a question. The main part serves to analyze the problem and to present the author’s thoughts, feelings and associations. It is important to remember that an essay is a subjective statement — you must emphasize your own position using the original “I” (for example, in my opinion, I think) and demonstrate your own views. The end does not have to include a conclusion. You can close the text with a quote, an anecdote, a question pointing to many solutions to the problem.

Vocabulary emphasizes your own point of view, so it is very important to use different vocabulary when writing an essay. You can use various plugin designs, rhetorical questions or just interesting quotes. This will make your essay diverse and interesting. Don’t forget to check your essay for errors at the end. This is a very important stage, as a well-executed essay is half the success. Begin to write an essay in advance so as not to overwork and not to do everything on the last day. This will help you write an essay in a relaxed state, which means that it will turn out the best quality. Do not hesitate to ask for help from relatives or friends. They can not only check your essay for errors, but they can also give you an interesting idea.

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